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We also offer barrel drums in the following sizes:
$35 - 55/60 gallon
$25 - 35/40 gallon
$2 - 5 gallon
All of our barrels are 100% food-grade -- they have not been used to store chemicals. Unlike the majority of the blue and black barrels for sale, these barrels will not contaminate the contents. Our barrels are made from heavy, quality plastic which makes them durable and easy to clean and paint!
We also offer a 55 gallon food-grade chemical barrel at a discount for $30.
These barrels were previously used to store a food-grade, eco-friendly detergent. We thoroughly wash these barrels; however, they may not be suitable for storing drinking water or dry food. Available in blue or white.
Bulk quantity prices may be arranged. Please note if you are looking to make a bulk order, we need to know in advance.


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